Friday, 12 April 2013

Sick Submitter Packets 2013

Sick Submitter Packets 2013

72 Article Dashboard sites
105 Article Friendly sites
102 Article MS sites
500 PHPLD Article sites and Template
95 Article Beach sites and Template
500 Article Synergy sites and Template
99 Article WordPress sites
106 “New Style” Article WordPress sites and Template
150 YAD (Your Article Directory) sites and Template
58 Sun Media Article sites and Template

Social Bookmarking Sites
The Social Bookmarking Shark! – Bookmark to the Best Social Bookmarking Sites!
[NEW!] Drigg Social Bookmarking Template comes with around 25+ Drigg bookmarking sites
572 Pligg sites (Tested 29/07/12)
160 Phpdug sites
63 Scuttle sites

Social Networking Sites
Great for submitting articles to as blog posts or simply bookmarking things on Google friendly sites.
583 phpFox sites and phpFox Bookmark and Article Submitter Template – My personal phpFox template now included! Updated, has more support and comes with 583 duped phpFox sites.
253 Elgg sites and Elgg Bookmark and Article Submitter Template
[NEW!] 551 Dolphin sites and my custom Dolphin Template

Wiki Sites
[NEW] 745 MediaWiki sites – Made with my custom MediaWiki Template for Sick 4.00x

Link Directories
2999 phpLD Link Directories
655 Deep Link phpLD Directories
795 English eSyndicate Directories
329 Foreign eSyndicate Directories
662 phpWeby Directories and Template
500 IndexU Directories and Template
200 HubDir Directories and Template
120 WSN Directories and Template
200 English Arfoo Directories and Semi-Auto Template
1200 French Arfoo Directories and Semi-Auto Template

Forum Profiles
1060 XenForo forums and updated Template
179 Woltlab forums and updated Template
194 phpBB
279 PunBB
327 MyBB
226 SMF
400 vBulletin
185 Expression Engine

[NEW!] Guestbook Sites
344 DrB Guestbook sites and DRBGuestbook Poster Template
200 Perl Guestbook sites and Perl Guestbook Submitter Template
137 BellaBook sites and Template
516 Lazarus Guestbook sites and Template
109 RicarGBooK Guestbook sites and Template
106 AkoBook Guestbook sites and Template
87 YapGB Guestbook sites and Template
104 phpVX Guestbook sites and Template
138 phpBook Guestbook sites and Template
50 OGP Guestbook sites and Template
220 MGB Guestbook sites and Template
80 DigiOz Guestbook sites and Template

Blog Comment Submitter Templates
Byteflow Poster Template
Dotclear Poster Template
Flatpress Poster Template
Joomla Poster Template
KeywordLuv Poster Template
LoudBlog Poster Template
Nucleus Poster Template
Pivot Poster Template
Plogger Poster Template
Wilky Poster Template

Auto Approve Blogs
92204 Auto Approve Blogs on 6069 unique domains
330+ Auto Approve EDU Blogs (All with no more than 100 OBL’s)
Comes as PR listed text file and Sick packet also
72366 Manual/Mod EDU/GOV Blogs on 3572 unique domains. (For manual posting on high PR)
26396 Dofollow Blogs on 2922 unique domains

More AA EDU and GOV links updated/added at end of month.

Misc Packets and Templates
1x High Quality Blog Submitter – Submits your blog to the best Blog Directories!
1x Web 2.0 + 1x High PR Site Profile Maker – Creates Web 2.0 site and high PR site profiles
1x WordPress Classified Ad Submitter
1x RSS Submitter – Updated for the Sick SEO Package buyers only!
4x Video Site Profiles and Templates – Creates profiles on video sites. Should be able to upload videos in future.

Extras and Bonuses
1x 162 pingservers for Sick
1x 200+spinnable comments (spun together)
1x GoogleTopRankingIn7DaysOrLess.pdf
1x SEO_Footprints.pdf
1x SEO_Galore.pdf
1x Unlimited +1 Guide.pdf
1x Yahoo Answers Traffic.pdf

Once only payment subscription service!
EXCLUSIVE packets not hammered like free packets!
Get FREE regular updates/upgrades of new sites.
Get FREE additions of new platforms/sites.
All packets made with latest templates.
PR is included in every packet.
Instructions and Tips are included.

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